Victoria’s Secrets: To a joyous new year

Brian Rice, Ralph D’Onofrio, Bob Brennan and Tracey Schneps. Josh and I were honored at the Elmhurst Hospital gala.

With 2018 coming to an end, I’d like to focus on the many acts of kindness shown by our readers to each other.

I just heard about a group called “Just Detention International.” They help bring letter writers to prisoners who had been raped behind bars. The prisoners’ gratefulness was eloquently described in an op-ed published in The New York Times on Dec. 22.

Sofia Robinson, a 13 year old in the Episcopal School of Los Angeles wrote this powerful statement: “I write Christmas cards to prisoners. I hope you do something that makes you and another person feel good this holiday season.” So eloquently written! Talk about acts of kindness!

I would also like to stop and focus on my gratitude for all that I have. Life has challenged me and I know so many of you have lost loved ones this year. But with their loss comes gratitude for what they gave us while they were physically with us.

What are you grateful for? Remembering that helps me deal with life’s challenges.

My warm wishes to all my dear readers on a happy, healthy and joyous new year!