UPDATED: Brother of missing Ridgewood man describes nightmare search of area hospitals

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James “Jayme” Ralph has been missing since April 5 and those close to him are asking for information regarding his disappearance.

Andy Ralph had been on a tireless search for his brother, James, for four days when it finally drew to an end on Tuesday morning.

James was found at a nearby hospital in critical condition after taking a fall outside P.S. 88. Two teachers on lunch break found the Ridgewood man and called 911, but without identification of any kind, proper family notification was not easily made.

Ralph was circulating the area hospitals when he spoke to QNS on Monday describing the circumstances of his brother’s disappearance on April 5. Ralph said that James may have stepped out to move his car and never came back.

James left his phone and wallet in his Catalpa Avenue apartment shared with his girlfriend. While his keys were gone, the car was in the same place with a parking ticket.

“The doctors are doing everything they can. I think he’s in good hands, I just have to visit him everyday so he knows he’s with family,” Ralph said after his brother was located.

According to Ralph, his brother was transferred to multiple hospitals before being sent to the location where he is today. Ralph had visited that hospital three times in one day during in his search to no avail.

The hospital had listed the unidentified Ridgewood man as “Unknown Anchor” after a matching anchor tattoo he and his brother share.

Ralph had reached out to the public for help with any information on his brother’s whereabouts with fliers. It was this support that helped locate his brother when a teacher from P.S. 88 reached out to him, he said.

“We found my brother last night. He’s in critical condition,” Ralph said. “Please continue to send all the prayers and positive energy his way. He needs it more than ever.”

Ralph still does not know the circumstances of his brother’s fall, however.

The teacher who called in about Ralph recognized the description by Andy of Birkenstocks sandals, sweats and a jacket. He was also recognized by the beard an long hair.

According to Andy, James lives on Catalpa Avenue between 60th Lane and 60th Street and works in Long Island City.

Police told QNS that Ralph had no prior mental conditions

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