Victoria’s Secrets: The power of women

Merrill Zorn helps cut the ribbon on Zorn’s newly renovated restaurant in Bethpage.

It was a week of powerful women making a difference in many people’s lives. 

I had the pleasure of seeing Merrill Zorn who is keeping her grandfather’s and father’s vision and life’s work alive. Then I was in the Bronx celebrating 25 women at our Power Women of the Bronx and, later, relishing with Demetra Mattone her husband’s 60th birthday.

Zorn’s has been a Long Island treasure since Merrill Zorn’s grandfather began a little farm selling chickens wholesale in Bethpage, then mainly farmland. They had arrived in America in 1924 and grew and expanded their business to supply chickens to wholesalers in Queens and the Bronx.

Her grandfather, Peter Zorn, decided to open to the public and added many dishes including the first rotisserie chickens cooked over an open flame. Their famous Southern fried chickens were sold with multiple side dishes. 

Over seven decades and four generations, the family has been overseeing Zorn’s kitchens. 

Merrill decided to build a new home next to her old location on Hempstead Turnpike for the company she loves and treasures. 

The sparkling new retail space has seats for indoor dining and a large take out and catering menu. On the day they cut the ribbon celebrating the renovations, I sampled many of their dishes, but I can’t forget their holiday turkey I served my family. 

For me it was the most moist tasty turkey for Thanksgiving. Yes, there was a massive line to pick up the turkey since Zorn’s is a legend, but every minute waiting was well invested because the end result was my guests’ delight. 

How powerful for all of us that a family tradition of offering great food is alive and well.

Power Women of the Bronx 

About nine months ago, Josh and I acquired CNG, a group of community media that enabled us to triple our footprint in the region. We added media in Manhattan, Westchester and the Bronx while enlarging our presence in Brooklyn and Queens. 

The real power of the acquisition and expansion are the great people who worked there and now work with Josh and I.

My great joy this past week was to attend and help emcee the Power Women of the Bronx recognizing an extraordinary diverse group of women working or living in the Bronx. 

At the VIP party before the award presentation, I delighted in hearing the women stand up and proudly state how they were born, educated and made their career and family lives in the borough — and, most importantly, made a difference in the lives of the people in the Bronx.

We were given the royal treatment by the staff at Maestro’s Caterers and I was privileged to honor its decades-long owner and philanthropist, Barbara Niclario.

I salute our Bronx staff, led by Laura Guerriero, John and sales leader Donna, who made me proud by organizing the powerful event.

Birthday bash

I believe when good occasions come our way, we should celebrate them to the hilt! Demetra Mattone did that for her husband Carl’s 60th birthday. 

She created an extraordinary party that put an endless smile on her husband’s face and delighted friends and family. 

It was a happening at the stunning Queens Museum overlooking the stately Unisphere, its up-lit fountains illuminating the starry night.

The Queens Museum is a great venue for parties and galas that provides a unique setting with catering by the top flight famous catering team from Abigail Kirsch, who served multiple small dishes and finished with a delectable dark chocolate birthday cake.  

Demetra’s powerful party planning embraced all the guests with love. Truly a night to remember ending a week of great events!