How did your school rate? State math and English test scores show improvement across Queens

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New York City elementary and middle school students are doing better academically, according to the new English language arts (ELA) and math test results released Aug. 22 by the New York State Education Department. 

Citywide, 45.6 percent of New York City students were proficient in statewide math tests given in grades 3 through 8 in 2019, according to the state Education Department. This shows a 2.9 percentage point increase from tests given in 2018, when 42 percent of students were proficient.

Students in grades 3 through 8 also improved on the ELA exam, which showed 47.4 percent of students were proficient in 2019, up 0.7 percentage points from the 46.7 percent result in 2018.

“During my tenure with the New York State Education Department, I’m proud of the progress we have made in terms of reducing gaps in student achievement,” said MaryEllen Elia, state education commissioner. “As I’ve consistently said, assessments are a part of the larger picture that we look at when we examine performance levels across the state. This year’s test scores are a positive sign that we are making progress and I believe the deliberative and thoughtful approach outlined in our State’s ESSA plan will continue to benefit the students of New York state.”

Students in Syracuse and most of New York’s other big cities did better this year, but still lagged behind the state average. About 16 percent of students declined to take the test, according to the Department of Education. 

This year, in Queens, a total of 126,088 students were tested, resulting in an overall proficiency rate of 65,774 (52 percent); compared to 2018, where 126,678 students were tested with a proficiency rate of 66,009 (52 percent), according to data by the Education Department. 

Charter schools in Queens received an overall proficiency rate of 3,039 (58 percent), with a total number of 5,203 students tested for the ELA and math exams. 

According to data, 52 third grade students who took the ELA exam at the Success Academy Charter School in South Jamaica in School District 28, scored a proficiency level of 100 percent. Other schools that topped the chart included The Academy for Excellence Through The Arts in Forest Hills, the Success Academy Charter School in Rosedale and the Baccalaureate School For Global Education in Astoria — where third, seventh and eighth grade students scored a proficiency level of 100 percent in ELA and math. 

In Queens School District 30, students in grades 6, 7 and 8 at P.S. 122 in Astoria, The 30th Avenue School (for gifted and talented children in Astoria) and P.S. 98 Douglaston School scored a proficiency level of 98 percent on the ELA and math exams. 

Bell Academy students in Bayside scored a proficiency level of 74.5 percent on the ELA exam and  65.5 percent on the math. Schools in Far Rockaway such as P.S./M.S. 114 Belle Harbor scored 77.2 percent (ELA), 65.5 percent (math); Goldie Maple Academy 47.4 percent (ELA), 27.8 percent (math); and The Academy of Medical Technology (A College Board School) 31.4 percent (ELA), 15.1 percent (math). P.S. 111 Jacob Blackwell in Long Island City scored a lower proficiency rate of 17.5 percent on the ELA and 11.9 percent on the math exam, and The Academy for New Americans in Astoria scored 4.7 percent on the ELA followed by 10.5 percent on the math exam. 


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