Astoria Performing Arts Center to debut six musicals about the COVID-19 crisis

Photo courtesy of the Astoria Performing Arts Center

The Astoria Performing Arts Center will debut six new musical shorts about the COVID-19 crisis beginning Friday, May 22.

“The Insiders” features the work of 16 actors, 15 writers, and five directors who explore quarantine, crisis, connection and hope over the course of the six films. The films will be streamed on The Astoria Performing Arts Center’s website and on their YouTube channel free of charge, however, the arts nonprofit is asking viewers for a suggested $10 donation.

The donations will benefit Astoria Performing Arts Center and the Indie Theater Fund.

The films were created in the early days of the shutdown, as artists experimented creating and collaborating from afar.

Teresa Lotz, an award-winning playwright and composer-lyricist, served as the artistic producer for the project.

Writers of “The Insiders” include Krista Knight, Derek Hassler, Ryan Kerr, Rachel Kunstadt, Briana Harris, Teresa Lotz, Charles Inniss, Christopher Inniss, Marcus Scott, Blake Allen & Marc Chan, Annette Storckman, Naomi Matlow, Andi Lee Carter, Claire Tran and Blake Allen.

Its cast includes cast includes Dana Aber, Bailey Carlson, Ariel Leigh Cohen, Leana Rae Concepcion, Kristina Dizon, Ellis Gage, Staci Jo Johnson, Bee Michael, Michael Orlandi, Jason Pintar, Erin Solér, William Spinnato, Sara States, Tais Szilagi, Jeff Williams and Ariel Seidman-Wright.

The Astoria Performing Arts Center was founded in 2001 and has since become an award-winning arts nonprofit. The arts center also provides programming for children and senior citizens.