DOE to deliver iPads to 35,000 special education students

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The Department of Education will deliver iPads to 35,000 special education students studying all religious, private and independent schools, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday.

Governor Andrew Cuomo shuttered schools across the state on March 15 to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. The mayor  followed soon after, announcing New York City schools would close and transition to remote learning which meant most students would sit in on online classes.

The city identified 300,000 students that did not have access to a device that would allow them to join an online class and in order to bridge that gap, pledge to deliver iPads, laptops or tablet to every student.

About 175,000 devices were distributed by public schools in the first few weeks following school closures. So far, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday, a total of 225,000 iPads have been distributed to those students.

The Department of Education did not specify when students would begin receiving iPads but mention that thousands of iPads are being shipped every day.

“Students with disabilities in religious and independent nonpublic schools who need an internet-enabled device can also request an iPad by calling 311 or visiting our website, and they will be shipped as soon as possible,” DOE spokesperson Isabelle Boundy said in an e-mail. 

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