Department of Sanitation cracks down on illegal dumping in Glendale

Courtesy of Holden’s office

Despite budget cutbacks, the city’s Department of Sanitation’s Enforcement Division — using information provided by Councilman Robert Holden’s office — recently conducted numerous investigations into illegal dumping in Liberty Park in Glendale and busted six offenders in a period of two weeks.

Illegal dumping occurs when someone removes material such as trash bags, construction debris, or appliances from a vehicle, and leaves it on public or private property. Both the vehicle owner and driver are legally responsible for dumping. Fines for the vehicle owner range from $4,000 to $18,000 and the vehicles used may be impounded.

“Now more than ever we depend on our partnership with city residents to help us keep the city clean,” Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia said. “We are thankful to the Councilmember for bringing these locations to our attention. If anyone sees illegal dumping, please contact 311. There’s even a reward program available with a financial award to the tipster.”

The recent work by members of Sanitation’s Enforcement team, including Sanitation Police Officers, include surveillance on Cypress Hills Street that observed a vehicle pull in between two large trucks. The respondent exited the vehicle, opened the rear passenger side door, and dumped one cubic yard of black bags containing household waste and a chandelier.

In another incident, officers observed a vehicle pulled over on Cypress Avenue. They witnessed the driver exit his vehicle, begin to remove black bags and place them on a grassy area on the street.

In a third incident, DSNY officers, already assisting with the impoundment of a vehicle, observed two people exit a truck and illegally dump a mattress and box spring on Cypress Avenue.

“Illegal dumping has been a problem in my district for a very long time because we have a lot of open spaces surrounding parks, cemeteries, and railroad tracks,” Holden said. “But the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting budget crisis have made matters worse. I am grateful to Commissioner Garcia and the Sanitation Police Officers who have been responsive to our neighborhood’s complaints during this time, and I urge everyone to do their part to stop illegal dumping and respect our city.”

Residents looking to dispose of items should use the department’s collection service. The department will collect many household items during regularly scheduled service, including mattresses.

Find out how to get rid of certain items and confirm your collection day at nyc.gov/sanitation. Businesses looking to dispose of items must use a private carter.

Residents witnessing illegal dumping should contact 311 or here to file a report. Residents may also be eligible for a financial award if they provide information about illegal dumping that leads to a fine or civil penalty.

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