Jamaica Hospital celebrates opening of new state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery center

(From l. to r.) Dr. Sabiha Raoof, chief medical officer and chair of the Radiology Department, Dr. Sanjit Konda, orthopedic trauma surgeon, and chair of the Orthopedics Department, Dr. Nader Paksaima, orthopedic surgeon, Jamaica Hospital president and CEO Bruce Flanz, Mounir Doss, chief financial officer, and Manzar Sassani, vice president of Finance, cut the red ribbon at the opening of the new orthopedics surgery center at Jamaica Hospital on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. (Photo by Carlotta Mohamed/QNS)

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s orthopedics team celebrated the opening of its new, ultra-modern orthopedic surgery center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 11.

The 4,800-square-foot center, located inside of the hospital’s Axel Building at 134-20 Jamaica Ave., was created to provide a patient-centered environment to treat members of the community living with a variety of adult and pediatric orthopedic conditions, including fractures, injuries of the upper extremity (hands, wrists, fingers, elbows), arthritis, sports-related injuries and more. 

The center features eight exam rooms, two consultation rooms, a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging room and other amenities, all designed with the comfort of patients in mind. 

The procedure room. (Photo by Carlotta Mohamed/QNS)

“We’re pleased to provide our community with a world-class orthopedic surgery center that utilizes the latest technology in our field. This includes advanced medical imaging devices, such as C-arm fluoroscopy machines,” said Dr. Sanjit Konda, orthopedic trauma surgeon and chairman of the Department of Orthopedics at the hospital. “Our patients will receive exceptional and personalized care from some of the best doctors in our region.” 

The C-arm fluoroscopy machine is designed to perform a wide range of surgical imaging applications with leading edge technology and state-of-the-art functionality. (Photo by Carlotta Mohamed/QNS)

The initial conversation to establish an orthopedics center at the hospital began 23 years ago, Konda said. 

According to Konda, slowly, more physicians and providers joined their staff, building an internationally recognizable team of musculoskeletal care providers at the hospital — a destination for patients in Queens to come to when they’re experiencing aches and pain in their joints.

“This has been a work in progress demonstrating the growth of the department over the last several years,” Konda said. “Prior to our group being here, it was a smaller group from LIJ and patients were sent outside of the hospital system.” 

In addition to serving patients in the community, the surgical group is proud to be recognized as the official founding medical partner of Queensboro FC (QBFC), New York City’s newest soccer team. The group exclusively provides medical services to QBFC professional athletes. 

The orthopedics team (Photo by Carlotta Mohamed/QNS)

The announcement of the opening of Jamaica Hospital’s orthopedic surgery center comes as great news to many as plans were halted during the peak of the pandemic.

During this time, the hospital’s singular focus shifted to treating COVID patients. All surgical procedures were suspended, and all healthcare providers including orthopedic surgeons were called upon to help treat critically ill patients.

Jamaica Hospital’s orthopedic surgeons joined many on the frontline in the fight against COVID. Thankfully, now that COVID infection rates and hospitalizations are much lower in New York City, the doctors can return to treating their patients. Lower rates have also allowed the hospital to return its focus on enhancing the wide variety of services it offers the community.

Dr. Nader Paksima, an orthopedic hand surgeon, said he’s excited about the opening of their new office and can’t wait to expand their services and orthopedic care in the community.

Dr. Sabiha Raoof, chief medical officer of the Medisys Health Network, highlighted the exemplary care her mother received from Paksima.

“I am really happy that we have this center and I’m sure you are going to do wonderful things,” Raoof said to the orthopedic team during a press conference.

(From l. to r.) Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nader Paksima, President and CEO of Jamaica Hospital Bruce Flanz, and Chair of the Orthopedics Department Dr. Sanjit Konda. (Photo by Carlotta Mohamed/QNS)

Bruce Flanz, president and CEO of Jamaica Hospital, said they’re thrilled to be able to provide the orthopedics team with a space for the center. 

“Some of our patients suffer these traumatic injuries and once they’re healed and finished with in-patient stay, they can come back to see their doctors, so it will provide them a really beautiful ultra-modern setting for them to get their care,” said Bruce Flanz, president and CEO of Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. “We always knew that the care was of the highest quality, and now we have the physical amenities to go along with high clinical quality.” 

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