QNS Home Pros: Home projects worth tackling during the winter

Young couple choosing the right color for their wall while renovating apartment.
Photo via Getty Images

Winter is not the best time for outdoor work — who wants to install a deck in the bitter cold? But there’s plenty to do indoors when you’re stuck inside.

Get those juices flowing and get to work on these renovations during the winter — or hire a Home Pro to do it for you.

  1. Replace the countertops

Your kitchen’s appearance lives and dies with countertops. The job doesn’t require a lot of trips back and forth outside so it’s an ideal cold-weather upgrade.

  1. Swap out old light fixtures

Install bright and cheery lights in the kitchen or living area that will improve illumination — and your spirits.

  1. New coat of paint

Winter is the best time to change your wall colors.

  1. Carpet reboot

During the holiday season, rugs take a beating from all the family activity. That’s why winter is prime for replacing threadbare, ripped, or bulging carpeting.

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