Dead woman found in abandoned car near Citi Field: NYPD

Police find dead body of a woman near Citi Field
Police discovered the body of a woman in the back seat of an abandoned car parked across from Citi Field in the last vestiges of the old Iron Triangle section of Willets Point. (QNS/File)

The NYPD discovered the body of a 32-year-old woman inside a car abandoned near Citi Field Monday night.

Police from the 110th Precinct in Elmhurst were checking out a white Honda that did not have license plates when they found the unidentified woman unconscious and unresponsive in the back seat just before 10:30 p.m., police said.

The vehicle was parked at 127th Street and 35th Avenue in the Willets Point neighborhood known as the Iron Triangle, which is slowly being paved over for development.

The dilapidated 6-acre location on city-owned property was home to hundreds of mostly immigrant-owned auto-repair shops and scrap yards that were prone to flooding for decades due to the lack of infrastructure. Most of those businesses have been shuttered or moved to a location in the Bronx to make way for the Willets Points Redevelopment project, which broke ground last June.

The woman’s body had no signs of trauma and the investigation is ongoing, police said.