Three top Queens chefs will represent borough at annual Citymeals on Wheels event

Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeals on Wheels Queens
Tavernas Kyclades Chef Ardian Skenderi takes part in the Citymeals Chefs’ Tribute. (Courtesy of Citymeals on Wheels)

Three of the borough’s celebrated chefs will be featured during one of the city’s oldest culinary fundraisers at the 35th annual Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeals on Wheels on Monday, June 13.

More than 40 of New York City’s most notable chefs will prepare and present singular dishes to more than 1,000 guests at the “Neighborhoods of New York” at Cipriani South Street in the iconic Battery Maritime Building in Downtown Manhattan beginning at 7:30 p.m.

To date, the annual event has raised more than $12 million with 100% of all proceeds funding home-delivered meals for frail New Yorkers.

Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeals on Wheels Queens
Chef Dan Kluger opened Penny Bridge at the Jacx in Long Island City in January. (Courtesy of Citymeals on Wheels)

“Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeals on Wheels is a way to celebrate the city we love, with food. We, as chefs, get the chance to show how diverse our city is through our food,” Tavernas Kyclades Chef Ardian Skenderi said.

“There is no place like New York City — nothing like the diversity of its five boroughs and food is the perfect showcase for our city. But, more importantly, even more of a reason to participate is the amazing mission of the Citymeals on Wheels to deliver food to the homebound elderly in our city. Citymeals on Wheels grows through the generosity of New Yorkers, and I am proud to be someone who can participate in even a small way to this program.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Citymeals has delivered more than 6 million meals to vulnerable New Yorkers, nearly 600,000 of those meals in Queens. Nearly 20,000 volunteers gave more than 82,000 hours of time to Citymeals’ mission last year.

“It means everything to me. I did not come to this country a millionaire. I had very little but I worked hard and became a restaurant owner with the help and generosity of the people in the Queens community,” Skenderi said. “I hope to continue to give back every day, in the same way I was shown generosity and kindness, to a community that is full of just those kinds of people. We all need to recognize that we must help and give back to our community because while some of us were able to get to a place of peace and comfort, there are others that just need a little help to reach that place as well.”

Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeals on Wheels Queens
Courtesy of Citymeals on Wheels

Tavernas Kyclades has been serving up traditional Greek seafood on Ditmars Boulevard in Astoria for years and has branched out with a location on Bell Boulevard in Bayside. Chef Dan Kluger, who opened Penny Bridge at the Jacx in Long Island City last winter, will also participate.

“It’s in support of such a great cause and when I heard this year’s event was focused around food from each borough, I was so excited to be able to participate with the team from our restaurant Penny Bridge in LIC,” Kluger said. “It’s really in everything we do, we aim to create an experience with every dish and every meal and so when you get an opportunity to cook while also supporting a good cause, it makes it all the more meaningful.”

Chef Cosme Aguillar of Casa Enrique will also participate in the event. Chef Skenderi is looking forward to representing the best of the “World’s Borough.”

“It’s diversity. The Queens culinary/restaurant community is a mirror image of the people that live in Queens,” Skenderi said. “We are vibrant, different, unique and a mix of some of the best people in the five boroughs.”

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Chefs’ Tribute.

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