Victoria’s Secrets: Troubling times

troubling times
Outrage over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

I felt great sadness for the soul of our country and me when I learned of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

It’s troubling times ahead for our nation with 72% of Americans believing our democracy is in danger. Yet, each of us can make a difference simply by voting!

My amNewYork Metro Editor Robert Pozarycki beautifully expressed my feelings in an editorial.

Let me share his powerful words:

Unequal justice under law in Roe v. Wade reversal

The Supreme Court has opted for “Unequal Justice Under Law” in overturning Roe v. Wade. Not every state will respect the rights of women equally, and reproductive rights will constantly be on the ballot in every state almost every year.

“Whether ours shall continue to be a nation of laws, and not of men, is now for Congress, and ultimately the American people.”

The fired Special Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox said that upon his unceremonious dismissal in October 1973. But his words live on in a different way, in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling that overturned the nearly 50-year-old legal precedent of Roe v. Wade.

Women across America were stripped of their right to abortion — their inherent right to control their bodies — in states across this country as a result of the June 24 decision by this conservative activist court. 

New York women are protected, for now. Their rights are codified into state law. But let there be no doubt that all of them can very easily be flushed away if voters elect right-wing Republicans into the majority of the state Legislature, and the governor’s mansion. It’s an unlikely scenario in this heavily Democratic state, but the risk is still there.

And if you think New York Republicans wouldn’t dare to strip women’s reproductive rights, take a look at how some of them celebrated the June 24 decision. They’d do it in a heartbeat, if you gave them that power.

But even the assurance that women in New York still have the ability to control their own bodies does not, for a moment, ease the anger and pain that the Supreme Court inflicted upon the American people.

Their actions were, with apologies to Neil Armstrong, one small step backward for America, one giant leap backward to the stone ages — where only white men had the right to do anything.

Let’s understand one thing: Our country is of many faiths. The Constitution is the guide to our governance — not the Bible, Torah, Quran or other holy book. No government shall operate as if one particular book of faith supersedes all others, and the rule of law — yet that is exactly how the Supreme Court acted in its ruling.

Even more troubling, other rights — particularly same-sex rights and birth control — are endangered by this ruling, as Associate Justice Clarence Thomas acknowledged in his opinion. This conservative court majority seems destined to continue imposing its own ideology upon the American people, and throwing the country into chaos. 

This country needs a federal law permitting all American women, regardless of where they live, the right to control their reproductive health. Congress, as currently constituted, cannot pass such a law. And, as President Joe Biden said in reaction to the court’s decision, he does not have the executive power to change things.

That power rests only with you, the voter.


The North Fork on “fire”

The North Fork is home to new, unique properties with special people making it happen, including Riverhead Town Supervisor Yvette Aguiar, Riverhead’s Joe Petrocelli, Southold Town Supervisor Scott A. Russell (we are proud to be named the town’s official newspaper), Southhold’s John Tibbetts and Shelter Island’s Stacey Soloviev and Vincent Guastamacchia, to name a few. 

Friday night, we hosted our first food event, Dan’s Papers Taste of the North Fork,” celebrating the great chefs in the area and were joined by these “titans” of the region. The seven courses consisted of stellar food paired with savory wines to match each dish. 

troubling times
Vincent with his Chequit Hotel chef Noah Schwartz.

The sold-out event featured celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, who embraced the guests — and they all loved him! In between the savory dishes, he made the rounds of tables taking photos and autographing his latest book. 

troubling times
Chef Rocco autographing his book.
troubling times
The Tibbetts and Petrocellis with Chef Rocco.

He is a warm, friendly and talented man who has taken the cooking world by storm! 

My treat was sitting at the table with the titans of the North Fork who are creating remarkable, first-class projects. 

To learn more about our upcoming events, visit danstaste.com.

troubling times
Joe and Kathy Petrocelli at The Eye Opener in the Riverhead Aquarium with friends Scott Bennett, Glenn Heidtmann, Joe Gentile, Jonathan Tibett and Vincent Guastamacchia.

The North Fork is a fascinatingly beautiful part of the East End, with dozens of wineries — many having tasting rooms so you can sample their unique wines — new hotels, restaurants and plenty of places to shop! 

Visit danspapers.com to learn all about what the North Fork has to offer!

Take a trip over and I’m sure you will fall in love with it, just as I have!

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