Stop & Shop at Bay Terrace Shopping Center set to undergo renovations in February

The Stop & Shop at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center (Photo by Ethan Marshall)

The Stop & Shop at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center will be undergoing renovations beginning Feb. 20. The supermarket will remain open as the renovations are worked on, but inventory has been kept down as they prepare to begin the work.

Photo by Ethan Marshall

Many customers have expressed concerns over inventory at the supermarket being kept down in the weeks leading up to the start of renovation work. Others feel they may not notice much of a difference.

“They seem to have some supply issues with vegetables lately,” one Bayside resident told QNS. “But last week, things were OK. I had no other real problems lately. I think any issues reflect the supply chain issues more than the store. But they may cut back on low-selling products during renovations while self space is being redone.”

Photo by Ethan Marshall

Other customers said they may not notice it as much because they’ve felt the store has been understocked since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have pointed out that certain products have been affected by the inventory shortage there more than others. For example, the pet food shelves have been almost completely empty lately.

Photo by Ethan Marshall

“They never have full inventory,” a Bayside resident said. “They always look like there’s a snowstorm coming.”

The renovation work was approved by Cord Meyer Development Company, which owns the Bay Terrace Shopping Center.

“While Cord Meyer Development approved the renovation plans, Stop & Shop can better answer questions about project specifics and timeline,” Cord Meyer Vice President Joe Forgione said. “We’re excited about their investment in the store and hope that any inconveniences are temporary.”

According to a representative for Stop & Shop, the renovation work will start Feb. 20. This work is part of a $140 million capital investment plan by Stop & Shop on its locations across New York City. The hope is that the end result of the work will allow for a refreshed look, upgraded format and new amenities that seek to enhance the customer shopping experience and better meet the needs of the diverse neighbors its serves. An expanded product assortment that caters to the store’s diverse neighborhood is at the heart of this renovation, as well as all others that are part of this capital investment plan.

The renovations to the Bay Terrace Shopping Center location are expected to be completed toward the end of summer 2023. It is one of 10 locations in Queens. As work on this continues, Stop & Shop is expected to announce the completion of remodels to its Belle Harbor, Arverne and Springfield Gardens locations within the next month.

Renovation work was recently completed at the Stop & Shop in Ozone Park last Friday. It was the third location in Queens to be upgraded as a result of the capital investment plan, joining the Glendale and Maspeth locations in having the work be completed.

Some residents are hopeful that the renovations do end up improving the store and lead to less inventory shortages. They also feel the renovation work could negatively affect nearby neighborhoods due to the noise and construction vehicles that will be around.

“[Stop & Shop] definitely does need a renovation,” one resident said. “I feel bad for the people who live in that area if the renovation is extended.”