Decades Pizza in Ridgewood offers twist on classic pies

Photo via Decades Pizza/Instagram

When it comes to delivering a new spin on the classic pizza, no place has this nailed down quite like Decades Pizza in Ridgewood.

Located at 690 Woodward Ave., Decades Pizza offers residents a new place in the neighborhood to get delicious pizza.

The idea for restaurant was born when the owners, Zach Hughes and Paul Cacici, wanted to spread their love for pizza and food in general.

“We really enjoy eating and [cooking],” Hugh said.”We know that it’s New York City and there are lots of pizzerias out there. We felt like we could offer something a bit different.”

Decades Pizza has many specialties. On their menu, you can find their Golden Green pie, with ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, olive, chicories and parmesan. Another specialty, the Hot Potato, consists of provolone, n’duja potato, baby leeks with pecorino cheese.

The other specialty pies include the Palmetto pie, with tomato, mozzarella sausage and pickled long hats, and the Mushroom pie, with oyster mushrooms, garlic, cream, mozzarella and parmesan. 

These pies are unique and creative twists on the classic pizzas every New Yorker loves, according to Hughes.

“We’re taking elements of each style that we like and doing something that’s sort of a blend of each,” Hughes said.

The Palmetto Pie, with pickled long hots, Dimarcos sausage, red onion. (Photo via Decades Pizza/Instagram)

Hughes said his favorite to make is the traditional Neapolitan slice, cooked in a wood fire oven.

The restaurant has elements of a classic New York pizza shop with wooden panels but with more of a sit-down setting. The shop also features a bar where customers can get a variety of cocktails, wine and beer. 

Along with the pizza, which customers can get with various toppings listed on their menu, the store offers other food, from salads  to different desserts and cocktails.

Photo via Decades Pizza/Instagram

Hughs says the restaurant plans to expand to seven days a week and will debut a new lunch menu and outdoor dining later this year.

“Some people that work around here that can’t make it at night, there’s always lunch,” Cacici said. “[We] just hope to keep growing as a business.”

Residents looking to get a slice can visit anytime Tuesday-Sunday from 5 to 11 p.m. You can also follow @Decades.Pizza on Instagram.