Maspeth Chamber of Commerce to honor veterans with Hometown Heroes banner program

Photo via Getty Images

In an effort to honor veterans, the Maspeth of Chamber of Commerce and the United Veterans and Fraternal Organizations of Maspeth partnered up to launch the Hometown Heroes banner program.

According to Maryanna Zero of the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce, the program gives out banners to current or past residents of Maspeth whose relatives served in the armed forces and want to pay tribute to their “heroes.”

“We’re having people sponsor their relatives,” Zero said, “as long as they were in the service and lived in Maspeth at one time.”

Zero said she got the idea while visiting upstate New York and seeing how other towns honored veterans and thought it would be great for Maspeth residents.

The banners will be custom-made and six feet tall, featuring an image of the veteran being honored.

Make-up of a banner.(Courtesy of the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce)

So far, 50 banners will be given to veterans, honoring those who fought in different wars. Each banner will be hung along Grand Avenue in Maspeth the week of Memorial Day and will continue to be displayed through Veterans Days in November. The groups also plan to show off the banners during the Memorial Day Parade.

Residences looking to have their relatives honored can do so by purchasing a banner before April 7 by sending a $250 check to the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce at P.O. Box 780265, Maspeth, NY 11378.