Victoria’s Secrets: Stunning cars and stunning people

With Chelsea Barone and Christina Wilson

It was a rare day in Palm Beach, with the sun hiding behind clouds. It’s as if God can turn on a switch allowing the sun to make the earth glow, but just as easily flip the switch off, bringing clouds all around us. 

That was the weather Sunday at Mar-a-Lago for The Palm Event and Car Show, where multimillion-dollar cars were lined up, surrounded by tents and tables for dining and wine tastings.

The “hottest” Ferrari!

The large, open space surrounding the pool can be steaming hot with the sun reflecting off the stone walkways, so it was a relief when the dark clouds rolled in — but the rain held off.

What I love most about these events are the people you meet. Living here in Palm Beach these last few months, I’ve met some powerful people and on Sunday, they seemed to all have gathered at the car show. 

Modeling unique cars

Palm Beach is the colored clothing capital of the world! Both men and women wear pastels and brights. In fact, I only wore a black outfit once during my three months of visiting what I call the “Pink Paradise” of a city.

“Mr. Palm Beach” in his colorful clothing

Maybe it’s the beautiful weather that makes people happy, relaxed and friendly.

I felt privileged to make many new friends during my stay, but as is life, I captured and cherished the moments and am now moving back to New York.

I can’t wait to see what adventures await me back in the “Big Apple!”

Christina and Eric Wilson in front of a vintage Chevy

Pauli Rose Libsohn, my longtime friend and a prolific writer/poet, surprised me when she shared with me her many books written for children. To my delight, she sent me copies of a few of her hard-covered colorful books.

One of the books, “Penelope’s New Bed,” stood out to me because several of my grandchildren got new beds and bedding for the holidays. The pictures in the book depict the journey of finding the right bed, and the story perfectly reflected my kids’ journey to find the right bed and accessories. 

As told in Pauli’s vividly descriptive and colorful book, a gift is more about the journey than the gift itself!