Queens councilman partners with the Trust for Public Land to upgrade local schoolyards

Jennifer and Jayden
THE COURIER/Photo by Liam La Guerre

Councilman Robert Holden’s office has partnered with the Trust for Public Land to upgrade the schoolyards at P.S. 229, P.S. 153, and I.S. 79.

Holden allocated $4.8 million to these projects to revitalize the surrounding neighborhood and create safe and fun spaces for children to play.

“I’m thrilled to continue our partnership with the Trust for Public Land to upgrade our schoolyards and playgrounds,” Holden said. “These schools serve as cornerstones in our communities, and we need to invest in them to ensure our children have access to safe and healthy environments to learn and grow.”

Upgrades to I.S. 73 will be finished in May 2023, while the targeted completion for P.S. 229 and P.S. 153 will be in the summer of 2024.

The Trust for Public Land is a nonprofit that aims to create parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come.

In 2021, the organization partnered with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and New York Road Runners (NYRR) to renovate the schoolyard at P.S 223Q, designing a new artificial turf field, running track, basketball practice hoops, tennis courts, play equipment, new tree plantings, game tables and benches, a green-roof gazebo, a musical play area, a playhouse, and an outdoor classroom with turf pod.

Carter Strickland, vice president of Mid-Atlantic and New York State director for Trust for Public Land, stated that making safe, accessible playgrounds gives the entire community a close-to-home hub to connect.

“These spaces are also designed with green infrastructure to improve climate resiliency, particularly needed in Queens, which has been hard hit by extreme flooding,” Strickland said. “Trust for Public Land is grateful to Councilmember Holden for his support of our efforts to bring more community schoolyards throughout the borough.”

Holden and the Trust for Public Land are reviewing potential future projects at PS/IS 128, and PS 139. Holden will also look into proposing projects for PS/IS 49 and P.S. 71.