Lewis Latimer Museum to host series of cultural events this October

The Lewis Latimer Museum has a number of events scheduled throughout the month of October.
Courtesy of the Lewis Latimer House Museum

The Lewis Latimer Museum in Flushing is hosting a number of fun, cultural and interactive events for the community this October.

The series of events, entitled ‘The History of Queens NY in 7 dishes: A Live Anthology,” is presented by Lewis Latimer House Museum and Queens writer Roxanne Scott and Abeer Hoque.

Storytelling performances about food and themes of identity, grief, love, joy and family by Queens writers of color will be featured in the events. There will also be music by local musicians Katrina Sortera and Robin Wong.

“This event is a celebration of Queens’ multicultural heritage, told through the powerful voices of its residents. It’s a testament to the borough’s rich history. Through music, storytelling and food, we’re capturing the essence of Queens, honoring its immigrant roots and the diverse voices that make this borough so unique,” Bilingual Visitor Experience and Outreach Coordinator Roxy Chang said.

“This event is a reminder that Queens has always been a place where different cultures converge, and it’s these very intersections that shape our narratives and our cuisine,” Chang added. “Queens is often called ‘the world’s borough,’ and this event truly embodies that spirit, showcasing the global tapestry of stories and flavors that define this borough.”

Some of the other events of the series include poems in a jar, in which people are encouraged to go to the museum for a workshop by crafting beautiful haikus and preserving them in illuminated mason jars.

There will also be a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and arts event held at Flushing Public Library in which guests ages 10 and above will be able to combine the excitement of painting with the wonders of STEAM.

Additionally, the “Illuminating Histories: A Luminous Legacy” online event will trace the remarkable life of Lewis Latimer from New York to London.

“This virtual workshop is a captivating exploration of Lewis Latimer’s extraordinary journey and the global impact of his work,” Education Manager Megan Felix said. “It’s a tribute to his legacy. In this workshop, we’re not just retracing Latimer’s steps, we’re illuminating the historical significance of his journey [and] connecting it to a broader narrative of Black history.”

Using highlighters, tape and a flashlight, guests can retrace Latimer’s path from JFK to London on the provided map, making it glow with historical significance.

“Through the use of light, we’re not just illuminating Latimer’s path, we’re illuminating the importance of recognizing the contributions of Black innovators,” Felix said. “This online workshop invites participants to actively engage with history, creating a unique and memorable experience that connects us to Latimer’s legacy.”
Most events are free. For more information, visit the Lewis Latimer Museum website at lewislatimerhouse.org.