Resorts World launches massive job outreach initiative, aims to train prospective workers with skills to enter gaming industry

resorts world
Photo courtesy of Perkins Eastman

Resorts World has announced its largest job outreach initiative to date in North America.

The initiative, set to launch this summer, aims to address the significant workforce demands of a rapidly growing sector.

In a unique partnership, Resorts World New York City (RWNYC) is teaming up with the Hotel and Gaming Trades Council (HTC) to spearhead the initiative. Leveraging HTC’s training fund under its existing contract with RWNYC, the program is designed to equip members and the wider community with the necessary skills for careers in hospitality and gaming. The aim is to create opportunities where people can develop skills to work in the industry.

The primary objective of this outreach is to create a well-prepared, diverse workforce ready to tackle the industry’s demands in the forthcoming years. Emphasizing inclusivity, the initiative will specifically target citywide recruitment with a focus on Black, Latino and AAPI communities. Notably, about 80% of RWNYC’s current workforce are people of color, with nearly half residing outside of Queens County.

To ensure the program’s success and reach, RWNYC has engaged Crescent Consulting to develop a job outreach strategy. This effort aims to bridge the gap for communities historically overlooked in employment opportunities, drawing on best practices from local workforce development groups.

The move comes at a crucial time for the hospitality industry, which has struggled to surpass its pre-pandemic employment levels. This initiative also addresses the broader employment challenges in New York, where job numbers have yet to fully recover to pre-pandemic levels.

Robert DeSalvio, President of Genting America’s East, which operates Resorts World, said the company aims to help residents get the training they need to earn a good livelihood.

“Far too many families face economic uncertainty, which is why we have committed to be intentional in preparing a robust, diverse workforce in gaming and hospitality to meet the demand in years ahead,” DeSalvio said. “There is no better partner for this kind of endeavor than the Hotel and Gaming Trades Council to help deliver best-in-class training and open a pathway to the middle class for countless New Yorkers.”