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Writing Guidelines

Saving time. It's sometimes possible to use your computer disk to directly input into your computer system. This saves time, expense and possibility of typesetting mistakes.

Deadlines. You should try to get us your news by no later than the Thursday to appear in the following edition. Unless the news is breaking.

How to type.

* Type all stories in upper and lower case letters, not all upper case: Do type everything in this style. DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS. IT'S DIFFICULT TO READ.

* Double space between lines.

* Leave a 1-1/2 inch margin at the top and bottom of each page.

* Try not to carry sentences over from one page to another. It is best to complete a whole paragraph before continuing a story on the following page.

* Include your name and phone number (both home and work) so we can get in touch with you if we have any questions.

* Double check the spelling of proper names – that includes names and businesses (if applicable), and their community. It is much better to look smart and double check the spelling of someone's name than to spell it wrong and have them complain (and they will).

* If mailing, faxing or dropping off your article, clearly mark it to the attention of the person who assigned it. If you fax, make sure your copy is dark or our copy will come out unreadable.

* Use 8-1/2″ x 11″ plain white paper. It's easier to read and sometimes we can even scan it directly into our computer.

* At the end of each page, type -MORE- to indicate that there is more copy to follow. At the end of the story, type-30 – at the bottom of the last page.


When including a picture, please remember that black and white pictures are best, but color photos can be used in a pinch.

Polaroids are difficult to work with. If you must use an instant camera, please take several pictures of your subject or event, so that we may choose the best photo.

For photo captions (cutlines): Please identify all people in picture from left to right and from front to rear. Indicate residence: John Smith of Bayside, Jane Doe of Queens Village, and double-check spelling.

Do not tape information to back of picture. Small pieces of paper with important information may get lost. Submit cutlines on 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper and attach it to the picture.

Use short rolls of film.

Be aware of the timeliness of your photos. Please don't send Halloween pictures in with your photos of Christmas.

Notify us well in advance if there is an extra special event or photo opportunity for your organization. We may assign a photographer to cover it.


Mark photo on back with your name and address. Write small- we still have to write additional information to our production staff on the back of the photo as well.

Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Please remember that it may take a few weeks to sort through our photos, so don't expect your picture to be returned the first few days after it's been published.

If, for some reason, you don't receive your photo after a few weeks, please call.


These suggestions are based on work with hundreds of organizational publicists over the years, and cover most of the things you need to know to be successful in publicity. If you have a special problem or request, feel free to contact our editorial department.

Your group's news is genuinely welcome in our publications. We do not charge for news articles or photographs. We ask only that you help us, and yourself, by observing some basic guidelines.

Our staff is not large enough to take stories from you over the telephone.d We also do not have lots of time to rewrite material that is not well organized, or is illegible. We are very willing to meet any group halfway, but you must take the initiative.

Some Basics For Writing Releases

Basic facts: Be certain every article contains the basic facts – who, what, where, when, why, etc. Capture the readers' interest early, with a concise opening paragraph telling the basic story. Then elaborate.

Accuracy: Accuracy is an absolute necessity. Double check names, dates, places, times etc. Correct spelling (especially names) is your responsibility. Always use full names (first and last).

Timing: Always keep in mind the date the story is going to be published, though you may be writing several weeks before the event.

Style: Don't use “we” or “our.” Always write as an organization. Avoid “I,” “we” etc., unless contained in a quotation from someone in your organization. Do not editorialize (offer opinions): instead, write factually and to the point. If you do use quotes, remember that all quotes must have attribution.

Deadlines: The earlier your article reaches us, the better attention it will receive. The deadline is the latest time articles can be accepted; don't habitually hand in your material “just under the wire.” Some week you may be disappointed if we resort to “first-come, first served” because we're crowded.

Some General Pointers

Write to inform. The best publicity is that of genuine public interest, not written just to get your group's name in the paper so members will be pleased.

Keep it timely. Don't wait for weeks after something has happened to make it public. Your material is of the greatest interest to readers, and to us, if it is current. Don't “stack” your publicity, that is, wait several weeks between submissions and then try to play “catch-up” in one large submissions. More frequent, shorter submissions are more effective than a few lengthy ones.

The local angle. You should capture the “local angle” at all times, even when talking about, say, your county or state affiliates. Tell us how the story affects this community, or, who in the community is involved in a given event. Don't tell us that 10 members are going to state a convention, then neglect to identify them. Names are news.

Exclude price information. Don't include that which is strictly advertising, such as the admission to a concert or a supper, or the cost of a program, etc. We want to help you run successful fund-raisers, and will publish full details, except prices (which will be deleted if included in publicity). You may purchase space for advertising.

Identification. Please put contact name and telephone number at the end of the submission (they will not be published) so we can contact you if we have any questions. If we cannot clarify something we don't understand, our policy is to leave out the story. List both home and work phone numbers.

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