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To The Point: The census helps entire community

By Sabina Cardali

Welcome to the Point, The Point, being College Point. It certainly has been cold. I can't imagine the polar bears sitting in salt water with a smile on their faces. I guess their thick fur helps the situation along with perhaps some nice warm fish.

St. Paul's Church and school had a recent fire and is still trying to recuperate. They will be having a Murder-Mystery night an Saturday, Feb. 12, $35 per person. For reservations, contact St. Paul's at 762-4100 or Irene Cerdau at 321-0377. Have an entertaining evening and help a good cause. It was wonderful meeting Pastor Hamilton.

A Senior Awareness Seminar will be held on Feb. 2nd, Wednesday, from 12-4 p.m. at the 109 Precinct. Come and get some pertinent information on yourself and your house. Blood pressure and diabetes screening will also be done.

Queens North Assistant Chief James Tuller visited the 109 Community Council Meeting and said that there was a reduction in crime by 8.4 percent. The 109 has the second largest auxiliary in Queens with 70 members. Three bikes were donated by the Asian community to use for their work. It seems unimaginable that someone stole the plaque iron from the veteran's memorial on 18th avenue. If you have information on this, please call me immediately.

Condolences to Creta and Joe Hruska on the death of their beloved 17- year-old-dog, Fritz.

A speedy recovery to some flu victims, Leo Nicholas, Joe Hruska and Frank Hess. I sure missed hugging these gentlemen when I see them on College Point Boulevard. Special birthday greetings to Jennifer Shannon, Terrence King and Ken Moss. His mom, Lil Moss, was so anxious to give him his present, she didn't wrap it. But he loved it.

Remember Census 2000 forms will be delivered mid-March, 2000. April 1, 2000 is Census Day. From March-May 2000, census-takers visit housing units in rural and remote areas to drop off and/or pick up forms.

From April-June 2000, census-takers visit housing units that did not return census forms. By October-November 2000, All field work is scheduled to be completed. By December 31, 2000, apportionment counts are delivered to the president. By April 1, 2001, all state s receive redistricting counts.

The census is a count that counts everyone in the U.S., citizens end non-citizens alike.

The information from the census survey is strictly confidential. The law prohibits the disclosure and sharing of information with any other government agency.

The Census Bureau is the government agency responsible for conducting the nationwide and local census in your community. The census is taken every 10 years and this data helps to determine the distribution of federal dollars in your community for everything from planning schools and building roads to providing recreational opportunities and managing health care services. Every year the federal Government distributes over 180 billion federal dollars to different communities based on census information.

If you don't fill out a questionnaire, you, your family and community may lose valuable public benefits and services.

Jeff Rosenstock certainly runs the great Theater in the Park. We saw Angel Street, a remake of Gaslight, after feasting at the Parkside Restaurant. Great evening! Special thanks to Ron Bennett and Bob Graziano for chairing the Knights of Columbus children's Christmas Party and the New Year's Eve Party. also Gil Mendez. Just about all children and adults who attended had a super time. Many thanks to all who contributed.

Many businesses and stores helped to make these two events unforgettable. Plans are being discussed to install a monument at St. Fidelis to the unborn. The Chairmen on this are Don Remlszewski, Brian O'Keefe and Stephen Ryan. Additional information will be forthcoming in a future column.

Reserve Apr. 1, 2000 for a fun evening – a Murder Mystery. Call Bruce Johnson at 358-6873 or Melisa Remiszewski at 762-0506 to get on the committee and help make this evening a big success.

The Knights of Columbus is available for rentals accommodating up to l00 people. Ideal for parties, etc. limited to five hours total. Accessible to all – only local hall with no stairs, limited kitchen facilities. For information call rental chairman Dick Swanson at 718-445-4098.

Canine Corner: Sage, Lil Moss's Norwich Terrier, has been doing commercials, one after the other. He is the one in the Advil commercial and will shortly be in Town and Country. Mademoiselle and also posed at the Kaufman studios. I understand he is giving paw prints and receiving all his friends but his mother, Lovey. She will not let him pet a big furry head. I am proud to say that I had a dog named for me, which is a delight. I already have two beautiful little girls named “Sabina.” Believe iit or not, it is half Shar-pei and half German Shepherd. I am glad the Shar-pei wrinkles are not on the face but on the neck. She belongs to my son-in-law Paul's grandparents, Mary and Robert Hubnar. The College Point volunteer Ambulance Corps must be commended for when I called them to take my very senior mother to the doctor for x-Rays and examination. Bill Falquerro and Joe Marsala were just wonderful in their endeavors. Remember, if you can volunteer for the ambulance corps, do so today or if you can send a donation, also do so today. They are there for you and for the community.

Sabina Says … I can't wait for the grand opening of the sports field because I certainly will be there to see the smiles on the children's faces, as they take to the field, after more than two years without their use. Perhaps next time, we should have the children take care of them and have the adults sitting in the bleachers. There was a meeting at city hall with regard to the mosquitoes that plagued us last year and the sprays that were used. Of course, on top of the list was malathion. This is toxic and flammable, so it is very important that we all stay alert on this problem before it becomes a major health concern, as it did last year. Many people are still ill from its effects. With the building on 11th Avenue, 127th Street and other sites, this could bring the mosquito problem back to the fore.

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