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Dems Dont Have Jennings Back

The executive committee of the Queens Democratic party chose their endorsements for the fall primaries, giving three judges their stamp of approval but denying Councilman Allan W. Jennings their backing.
The decision to endorse candidate Yvonne Reddick, district manager of Community Board 12, instead of first-termer Jennings is a surprise move by the party, which traditionally backs an incumbents re-election.
Councilman Jennings was not fazed by the news, rather he welcomed it. "I am honored that they didnt support me," he declared in a telephone interview. "I do not have to be beholden to Thomas Manton and his gang." Mr. Manton chairs the Queens Democratic Party.
Jennings believes that he did not receive their backing because he has a track record of going against the party line. He voted against the property tax and supported a war with Iraq. "They want a puppet to do their bidding," remarked the councilman.
The councilman also believes its his long work hours that also got him in trouble. He keeps his office open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday.
Michael Reich, executive secretary of the Queens County Democratic party believes Jennings gaffs were the reason to strip him of the Democratic nomination. "I believe Mr. Jennings has been an embarrassment to the Democratic party and his constituents."
For example, the councilman, according to a March 16 Newsday article, purchased half-page ads in two Chinese weeklies professing his love for Asian women. In the ad, the Asian-phile councilman expressed his recent happiness with his new Chinese girlfriend Li Yiling. Along with praising Asian women, Jennings is said to have disparaged his ex-wife and her Taiwanese family, saying they never accepted his African heritage. His wife, who did not want her name used in the story, later came forward saying the councilman had domestically abused her. In police and court documents, his ex-wife reports Jennings threw her against the wall and choked her.
Jennings strange behavior has not been limited to Chinese tabloids. According to The New York Times, he gave a speech of biblical proportions, literally, during a City Council session. After voting against a property tax hike in February, Jennings lost a committee assignment. In a speech before the Council, Jennings has been accused of comparing himself to Jesus being chastised by Pontius Pilate.
Jennings said both the media and council members have misquoted the ads and misinterpreted his speech to the Council.
During an interview, Reddick said she was pleased with her partys endorsement. She believes it was her years of dedicated service as assistant district manager for CB 12 in 1984 and later as district manager starting in 1994 that earned her the Democratic endorsement Community Board 12 covers an area servicing 223,000 residents.
"I think the community has been pleased with the service I delivered, along with some of the elected officials," she said.
Other Dems receiving party endorsement for judges were Ira Margulis, Howard Lane and Ana Seminario.

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