Swing into Spring Cleaning

Before you think spring, think spring cleaning.

After three long months of battling winter weather and dark skies, spring is a great time to refresh your home and your spirit for the new season.

“There’s nothing more joyous than the start of a new, brighter season with a sparkling clean home,” said Kathy Luedke, cleaning specialist at Eureka. “Spring cleaning can be a satisfying ritual if you have a good plan and the right tools.”

Luedke offers the following tips on tackling the most essential spring-cleaning projects with ease.

• Conquer closet clutter — Goodbye sweaters and coats, hello shorts and T-shirts. To make way for spring wardrobes, clean out closets and donate old clothes to charity. Store last season’s duds in plastic containers to keep them clean and fresh for next year.

• Get floored — From snow to salt, floors take a beating over the winter months. Get down on hands and knees to scrub bathroom and kitchen floors with a non-abrasive bleach cleaner to kill germs but not the linoleum. Don’t forget to wear knee pads to protect your knees from the hard floor.

Carpets and rugs also deserve special attention. Vacuum several times to get out the dust that may have seeped in despite regular maintenance. Vacuum rug pads and the backs of area rugs where dust and dirt tend to hide. Make sure to use a vacuum that traps the dust inside, preventing it from re-circulating into the air.

After vacuuming, give carpeting and upholstery a deep clean with a water-based shampooer to help maintain the life of carpeting and eliminate unsightly spots and stains.

• Attack dust bunnies — Wood furniture, like coffee tables and dressers, harvest a lot of dust. Attack it with an oil or polish to remove dust and bring luster back to the wood.

While dusting, look up. Dust hides on fan blades, ceiling moldings and lampshades, often escaping the novice spring cleaner’s eye.

• Say good-bye to grungy garages and basements — Take cleaning outside of the home to prepare garages and shops for the summer months. Store loose items, like yard tools and cleaners, to prevent clutter and injury. Utilize wall space to maximize room in the garage. Mount bikes and add shelves to house tools and toys. Once clutter is cleared, use a shop vacuum or blower to clean up debris and a heavy-duty cleaner to remove greasy oil stains.

• Yard duty — Clear gutters of any ice, leaves and debris to ensure proper drainage during those inevitable April showers. Pick up weeds and loose branches that gathered during the early winter months.

• Think teamwork — Get your family involved in spring cleaning. It’s always nice to have extra sets of hands to help out, and it allows for important quality time together.

“Spring cleaning might seem like a chore, but can actually be fun if turned into an activity for children and parents to do together,” said Luedke.

— Courtesy of ARA Content

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