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Pols: Shop Local Merchants Tax-Free

Holding signs that read, “Come In!” Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin and Councilmember James Gennaro met with shoppers in Kew Gardens Hills on Monday.
The elected officials, in front of Julie Kaye Fashion, urged everyone in attendance to take advantage of the permanent 4 percent reduction in city sales tax on clothing and footwear under $110 per item beginning September 1 and the one-week exemption on state clothing tax beginning August 30.
They also used the occasion to encourage support for the local economy.
“My purpose here today is two-fold: I want to remind shoppers, beginning September 1…city sales tax in clothing has been permanently slashed,” McLaughlin said, “and starting tomorrow for one week, state clothing tax will also be eliminated. The city tax exemption alone, will save families over $200 million a year on clothing purchases.
“I also want to urge shoppers to patronize their local merchants. Small businesses employ area residents, offer a personal touch to the shopper, and are a stabilizing force in a community.”
Councilmember Gennaro added, “Benefits of the tax rollback are plentiful — shoppers get a break on the sales tax, local merchants get an increase in business, and our local economy gets a boost.
“Rolling back the city sales tax was one of my biggest priorities. I am here today to encourage everyone doing their back-to-school shopping to take advantage of the tax reductions and shop at local businesses.”
David Cargin is a freelance writer.

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