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Americans would pay terror tax

Americans are calling for an increase in spending on national preparedness, even if it means an increase in taxes; according to a new survey released by the advocacy group VOICES of September 11th.
The organization's Fifth Anniversary National Survey, which polled 2,000 respondents, indicates that the majority of Americans do not feel safe at home.
&#8220Fortunately, [the London terrorist] plan was foiled but, as you can see, terrorists are coming up with new ways of killing large numbers of people,” said Mary Fetchet, founding director and driving force behind VOICES.
&#8220America must not wait for another tragedy to strike before the 9/11 Commission's recommendations are implemented. Our government officials must take the necessary steps to protect our nation, our sons and daughters, husbands, wives, and parents, and finally act with an appropriate sense of urgency,” Fetchet said.
Key findings of The VOICES of September 11th Fifth Anniversary National Survey include:
• 77 percent of those surveyed worry about the government's readiness for another attack and feel that more money should be spent on preparedness, even if it means an increase in taxes.
• More than half of Americans feel that the war in Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism.
• Nearly 80 percent of Americans rate the United States' war on terrorism as &#8220poor.”
• The majority of Americans feel just as unsafe in their own homes as they do for the country as a whole.
• Overwhelmingly, the public wants to be notified of any credible threat of a terrorist attack.
VOICES of September 11th advocates and provides services for all those affected by September 11; promotes public policy reform on prevention, preparedness and response to terrorism; and builds bridges between international communities changed by terrorism. VOICES is a nonpartisan advocacy group led by founding director and clinical social worker, Mary Fetchet, whose son, Brad, 24, perished in the World Trade Center attacks. To learn more, visit www.voicesofsept11.org.

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