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NOT SO WEIRD SCIENCE New research program at Holy Cross High

As a cure for cancer continues to elude us, an ambitious student at Holy Cross High School may one day provide the missing link we seek. With a special interest in science, Saad Khamisa has been presented with a unique opportunity to contribute to cancer research through a new program at his school.
Khamisa, a sophomore at Holy Cross, was selected along with five other students to participate in the Flushing school's new science research program.
The program allows students to earn college credits while they develop their research skills. The students have the luxury of selecting a topic of their own interest to research. Thereafter, they will complete a project that could be submitted to prestigious contests such as Intel and DuPont. Khamisa intends to focus on nanotechnology and its benefits toward cancer research. &#8220Nanotechnology is so interesting, if I am lucky maybe I will make advancements in cancer research,” he said.
A resident of Queens Village, Khamisa has always had a passion for science. As a child he was always captured by the &#8220concept of taking things apart and putting them back together,” he said. Most recently, he took apart the engine of his scooter to investigate its parts.
This year is especially encouraging for Khamisa as he is taking chemistry at Holy Cross. With chemistry, &#8220it is interesting how you put two chemicals together and hope for the best,” he said. Khamisa also credits his chemistry teacher, Mr. Chowske. &#8220It is a fun learning environment and Mr. Chowske just makes it easy,” he said.
&#8220He is a talented student in the field of science,” said Cathy Kenny, coordinator of the Science Research Program.
As Khamisa expressed interest in a career in the medical field, Kenny went on to say, &#8220Saad is a very focused young man, he had a plan from the beginning and he is following it through.”
Khamisa has various other interests aside from atoms and elements. He developed a penchant for drawing in the fifth grade. He began by sketching cartoon figures, which impressed his friends. He eventually bought a sketch pad where he continues to add to his collection of cartoons. Some of his work is also on display around the borders of his class notes.
When Khamisa is not buried in a chemistry textbook, he also enjoys reading fiction and biographies. He is currently immersed in Dan Brown's thrilling best seller, The Da Vinci Code. Khamisa also enjoys playing football and basketball with his friends during his free time. He intends on joining the track team at Holy Cross in the spring.
Khamisa believes, &#8220science is so interesting because there is no limit to what you can do,” but with a bright future ahead of him, it will be interesting to see what he can accomplish.

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