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Pomonok cats make nuisance

Local officials stepped in to address health risks that were being raised because of an apartment in Flushing's Pomonok Houses where multiple cats lived, creating a foul odor.
Rose and Thomasina Maggio, residents of Pomonok Houses, which is located at 70-20 Parsons Boulevard, were reported as having as many as 20 cats in their apartment at one time. Due to the odor created by the cats, postal workers were refusing to deliver mail to the complex, which had its mailboxes right to next to the apartment with the cats.
Residents of Pomonok Houses were told to pick up their mail at the post office between the hours of noon and 4 p.m., which proved difficult for the disabled, senior citizens and those who worked during the day.
&#8220The residents of Pomonok Houses are entitled to live and enjoy their apartments,” said State Senator Toby Stavisky. &#8220The noxious odors prevent this as well as pose a health hazard.”
Assemblymember Nettie Mayersohn, Stavisky, Councilmember James Gennaro and Congressmember Anthony Weiner contacted the New York City Department of Health. Inspectors were then sent to the apartment on August 10, at which time violations were issued for the odor and for the inspectors being denied access.
The two women failed to show up for an August 25 hearing with the Department of Health Tribunal.
During a September 12 hearing, temporary guardians were appointed by the Queens Supreme Court. They will monitor the situation and remove the remaining cats from the Maggio apartment.
Other ways that the issue has been addressed include having deodorizers installed in parts of the building and a temporary post office being placed outside of the building. Also, the New York City Housing Authority sent workers to professionally clean the apartment, although they were allegedly denied access to one of the rooms.
&#8220The multiple cats in the apartment are causing serious health concerns for the residents of the building,” Mayersohn said. &#8220I am most grateful for the help of our local elected officials, the mayor's office, the NYC Housing Authority and the numerous city agencies who have been working overtime to get this matter resolved.”

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