Study looks at fixing boardwalk – Officials want low-maintenance site

By Michèle De Meglio

The city is taking the first steps necessary to replace Coney Island’s crumbling boardwalk. The chief of staff for Assemblymember Alec Brook-Krasny said the city’s Economic Development Corporation has agreed to conduct a study to determine the most cost-efficient way to construct a new and improved boardwalk. “The whole notion is to build a new boardwalk that’s going to require as little maintenance as possible,” Jonathan Yedin explained at a meeting of Community Board 13 at Coney Island Hospital. The federally-funded feasibility study will take about six months. “Once the six months [are up], hopefully they’ll have a resolution,” Yedin said. The study will be broken up into three categories – the foundation of the boardwalk, the beams supporting the boardwalk, and the planks lining the top of the boardwalk. Coney Island residents were excited to learn that the city is taking steps to give the boardwalk a makeover, as they’ve long complained that the planks are broken or raised and pose a serious safety hazard. The situation is so severe that over the summer, a visitor fell through the planks. And Community Board 13 Chair Marion Cleaver said even Rep. Jerrold Nadler has tripped on the boardwalk. “It’s really, really dangerous,” said Todd Dobrin, chair of the Coney Island Friends of the Boardwalk. Since a total revamping of the boardwalk won’t happen in time for the next summer season, Coney Island residents wondered how the city will make the planks safer. “What are we going to do about immediate repairs,” questioned Dobrin, “before someone else falls through?” Yedin said the city Parks Department will probably continue to do repair work as necessary. “I believe they are more inclined to do patchwork,” he said, “and wait until they have the money secured for a major, major capital project.”

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