IT’S ONLY MY OPINION – Who needs Hillary Clinton’s experience?

By Stanley P. Gershbein

In an attempt to bring her campaign back to the winning ways, Hillary is beginning to talk, once again, about experience. She claims that Obama has very little know-how, while she takes a bow for her eight years of living in the White House. It is true that she did reside there for eight years. So what? So did the baker and pastry chef. They were great at their jobs and I don’t see either of them running for the presidency. While experience has its value there is something that many of us consider to be more important. Everybody knows that one singular person cannot run a corporation, cannot be a good mayor and, of course, cannot be a President of these United States. It is imperative that he (or she) be surrounded by a capable, competent support staff of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced individuals. Take a school principal, for example. No matter how gifted she may be, great, talented administrators and accomplished teachers must surround her for her school to climb the ladder of success. Same goes for the man, or woman, we elect President. Frankly, I have no problem with having a woman president. Just not THIS woman. Nor do I have with being here witnessing history as the United States attempts to elect the first African-American to the oval office. Again – just not this African American. I, personally, am not thrilled with either Democrat candidate. They both want to raise my taxes. They both want to increase entitlements. They both want socialized medicine – oops! I’m sorry. With such little success on this planet, the words – Socialized Medicine – have gotten a bad rap. Ya’ don’t like something? Give it a new name. Both candidates are now in favor of Universal Healthcare. Neither candidate has mentioned anything about the cost and/or quality of either plan of socialized medicine Their platforms are so much alike, that, as Democrat pundit Kirsten Powers put it on Fox News the other night, there’s hardly any political difference between them. I’m not really fond of either Barack or Hillary but, if push came to shove, which it is right now, and I was forced to favor one over the other, I’d hold my nose and pull the lever for Obama. And it’s not that I love him. It’s just that I truly dislike her. She’s a known liar and a thief and I’m not the only American that feels that way. As of this writing the latest figures show that Hillary has a 54% UNfavorable rating. Being so disliked is not very good. And should she not get the nomination, there’s one thing for sure. At least we will know that the dishes will be safe for a while. ******** To the Socialists in Berkeley – If you are ever attacked by San Diego, do NOT– I repeat – do NOT expect to be protected by the United States Marines. ******** Tomorrow is February 29th. No. It’s not a typo. It’s a leap year. ******** With the cost of funerals on the increase, rather than spend several thousands of dollars to say goodbye to Uncle Charlie, more and more of us are opting for the less expensive cremation. That leaves the family of the dearly departed with one major decision – what shall we do with Uncle Charlie’s cremains? Several years ago Carol and I were involved with helping someone spread the ashes of her brother. Brother John wanted to have his cremains spread over ocean water at a particular date and time. So there we were, doing our best, when a major problem arose. It was a windy day and with every scoopful of Brother John tossed out into the water, more than half came flying back at us. Carol and I spent the next hour and a half dusting off Brother John. Spreading the departed over fields or water has always been in style. In very recent years a new place has become fashionable. Believe it or not, the one spot on earth that has been selected by the dying and/or his family more than ever before is now – drum roll please – Disneyland. No. I’m not kidding. Probably because they fear more and more copycat dumping, the Disney people have not confirmed this but insiders have been telling the world that there is an epidemic of people scattering family members’ ashes on their favorite rides. Last month several piles of ashes were found along the tracks at the Haunted Mansion ride. This ash scattering has become so common that the grounds cleaners have been issued special vacuum cleaners to remove suspicious piles. “Hey, Ma. What are we doing this Sunday?” “I dunno. I thought maybe we’d take a ride on the Pirates Of The Caribbean and visit Uncle Charlie.” ******** Quoted in the Washington Monthly, Fran Lebowitz said, “Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine.” I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net and I don’t drink at all nor do I talk about alcoholic beverages. At the least I must be average. ******** Your letters and Emails are the property of this newspaper and may be published. For verification purposes all correspondence must contain your real name, address and telephone number.

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