Shoddy post office

To The Editor:

If anyone wants to go to the post office with the worst service, they should go to the one on East 19th St. and Avenue P.

It doesn't matter if there is a line out the door, there are never more than two clerks working. If you are lucky, they will both be working at the same time.

People come in with packages that are going to Europe. Nine out of 10 packages aren't properly sealed, and no forms have been filled out.

Last week, I watched while the clerk taped the package properly and the girl filled out the form at the window, which took 20 minutes. Instead of the clerk giving the girl the tape and form and telling her to complete the work at the table, then come back, during which time the clerk could have taken care of five or six people, we all had to wait until the girl finished.

If these clerks worked in the private sector, they wouldn't last more than a day. It's such a warm and fuzzy feeling seeing our tax dollars hard at work. And for this wonderful service we will have another postage rate increase in May.

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