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What a week it was

Well, I’ve finally begun settling into my new home and I can again focus on my staff and the office. And what a great week it was - not only did I go on air on QPTV Election Day, but I also got to see a great Off-Broadway show with the staff.
Several months ago I had the opportunity to get a block of tickets to the musical “Rock of Ages.” After weeks of endless hours I felt it would be great to thank everyone and have some fun. After all, what’s work without some play mixed in?
It was also a way to introduce everyone to my favorite Italian restaurant in Manhattan, Fabio Piccolo Fiore, on 44th Street between Second and Third Avenues. I’ve written about it several times, and I never tire of returning for their superb food, wonderful ambiance and warm welcome from owners Nick Nubile of Whitestone and his talented chef/partner Fabio.
I hired Designer Limousine, whom I’ve used many times to take us to the restaurant and theatre. The “bus limo” arrived at the office to pick us up and I was taken aback - the huge white bus was outfitted like a smaller limo with drinks, music, video and a great driver. I think from the minute we entered the luxurious environment, everyone’s mood moved from office concentration to broad smiles and laughs. I was impressed myself. The seats were along the perimeter in the front and a rear bench seat in the back, so it was so conducive to talking to each other.
The bus was so big that we couldn’t fit into the Midtown Tunnel, so we had to take a longer route. The restaurant is only five minutes from the tunnel, but we took the 59th Street Bridge, adding on at least 15 minutes with traffic. I was a little anxious because I knew we had to be at the theatre by 8 p.m.
My fears were allayed and I relaxed when I saw Fabio and his team directing our group to a special rear seating area. What I love about the seating is that there are lots of round tables that make it great for conversation. I mixed up people from the different departments— editorial, art, sales and office management - so there would be new “relationships” formed. I guess all of us tend to gravitate to the people we know best, but new staff mingled with old, and departments easily intermingled.
Then the real fun began - the great food. I had preplanned the menu to expedite the evening. We all began eating in the inviting environment, surrounded by massive paintings of beautiful women from the 15th and 16th centuries. The warm colors and subtle lighting make for the perfect setting and the live piano player offering Sinatra and Elvis music by request added to everyone’s evening of fun.
We completed our meal with a luscious two-layer creamy and moist chocolate-chocolate cake.
Then off we were to see “Rock of Ages.”
Our limo bus was waiting outside to take us to the New World Stages Theatre on West 50th Street.
The off-Broadway show takes place in Los Angeles in the late 80s. It is basically a tale of boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl, all done to rock music.
What energy! The theatre rocked, as did the audience. Many of the songs were 80s favorites.
To add to the excitement was the performance of Constantine Maroulis, an “American Idol” finalist. Amazing what that does for a career!
In fact, the entire cast was extraordinarily talented as was the rocking “Rock of Ages Band.”
The cast got a standing ovation from the sold-out audience. We returned home in luxury - exhausted and yet elated.

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