Hibachi dining at Shiro in Atlas Park

At this festive time of year, it would be difficult to find a better place for friends, families or business associates to gather than at one of the hibachi tables at Shiro of Japan.
During this holiday season at The Shops at Atlas Park, Glendale, everyone can enjoy a sizzling meal prepared by skilled chefs right before their eyes. Hibachi chefs are known to steal the spotlight when they alternate between showing off their culinary skills using knives to chop and slice meats, seafood and vegetables, and then to perform the most fascinating tricks.
However, Shiro of Japan chefs know it is the presentation of the tasty Japanese shrimp, lobster, beef, chicken or even lamb or duck, and assorted colorful vegetables, right from the hibachi grills to plates that really capture the guests’ full attention. The chefs hear the laughter, feel the joy, appreciate the togetherness that the holiday season brings when people gather at their hibachi tables, and share with one another a dazzling dining experience.
Hibachi dining is perfect for groups celebrating special occasions or for holiday parties. The service is impeccable and everyone appreciates the menu of traditional Japanese cuisine. One or more guests are always welcomed at Shiro of Japan’s Glendale restaurant whenever they want to take a break from shopping or the stresses of the season and just relax at a hibachi table; it’s entertaining, the food is healthy and satisfying, and the time spent will surely rejuvenate the spirit. Why not try the hibachi dining experience? It will lift your holiday spirit as much, if not more than, the traditional dinners people are accustomed to at this busy time of year and on the wintery days of the New Year.
Shiro of Japan is located in The Shops at Atlas Park. In addition to 18 hibachi tables, this premier restaurant offers a menu of fine traditional Japanese cuisine including an amazing variety of sushi and premier sake. These and other specialty appetizers are particularly popular in Queens. Shiro of Japan’s sushi chefs are considered exceptionally talented and always make every effort to please the clientele. The welcoming sushi bar and contemporary bar/lounge attract a sociable crowd and when the weather gets milder, the outdoor patio dining area is a refreshing spot.