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Dinner with Bloomberg

What an unexpected treat. On Wednesday evening, September 30, I was invited to have dinner with the Mayor Michael Bloomberg after his appearance at the Bay Terrace Jewish Center, sponsored by the Bay Terrace Community Alliance.

We’ve been together many times, but I still was happy to have time with him in the relaxed environment of dinner at Donovan’s in Bayside.

His staff, led by the talented Bayside resident Haeda Mihaltses, greeted me as we waited for the Mayor to arrive.

Joining us were some old friends – Dominick Bruccoleri of Papazzio restaurant, Paul Lim and his wife Oi from Erawan restaurant and Republican Dan Halloran’s team, as well as some new friends from Queens Village and the Rocky Hill Civic Association.

When the mayor arrived, it was like a rock star had entered the room.

Everyone pushed to be near him and touch him and to be photographed with him. Interestingly, he obviously enjoyed the attention. I think he shook hands with all the diners filling every table in the front and back rooms.

He listened, he smiled and even took pictures with a baby! One woman came to the table as we ate our hamburgers and with a huge grin basically said to the mayor, “I love you!”

It appears his popularity is soaring and his only concern is getting the voters to vote!


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