Berger’s columns showcase talent, humor

Although I have had a negative reaction to one of Alex Berger’s past columns, I would like to say that my angry response does not reflect any personal antagonism toward him.

I have been a subscriber to TimesLedger Newspapers for some time and have read many of Berger’s columns. I find them entertaining and interesting, especially the most recent one about elderly drivers.

That one really hit home. I never realized what a pertinent issue it could be until it affected me personally. His article was comforting. It can be tremendously guilt-producing when it becomes necessary to convince an elderly parent to give up driving.

Although a prior article touched a nerve, I enjoy Berger’s column immensely and believe he is a talented and articulate writer. When, after some time, Berger responded to my letter, I appreciated his response. It showed he had given careful thought to what he wanted to say before he responded.

It made me realize that if I had thought a little longer before I wrote my letter, although it would have emphasized many of the same points, it would have had a milder tone. I forgot my sense of humor.

His response was perfect. It was humorous, diplomatic and, most of all, interesting. Having studied writing, I appreciate Berger’s considerable expertise as a writer and look forward to reading his entertaining and informative columns.

Marsha Toma


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