Hold teachers, administrators in schools to same standards

Recently my child came home from school with a note that stated that under the No Child Left Behind Act, parents were entitled to find out their child’s teacher’s and para’s qualifications by requesting a Parent Request Form.

According to the note, “teachers should have passed a series of exams, hold a bachelor’s degree, and complete a concentration of college credits in the certification subject area of their assignment.”

I do not have any problem with this except that how are parents able to find out the qualifications of the school’s administrators — especially when I have learned the assistant principal at my child’s school is 28?

Although it is important for parents to find out who is working with their children, it is important to find out who is running our schools. With many new principals and assistant principals graduating from the Leadership Academy with little or no educational experience, shouldn’t we hold our administrators to the same standards as we do our teachers?

Julia Rose


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