Qns. College shouldn’t cancel key courses for low enrollment

My name is Teresa Lawrence. I have been a long-time resident of Queens. I currently attend Queens College for the EKG Certificate Program. I have completed all the necessary classes with A’s but the Basic Arrhythmia AH-857 course.

The reason for this is that due to low enrollment for this course, Queens College decided to drop the class for a whole semester. This is the second time this was done to me.

The first was when I tried to take it during the summer. I understand it was summer and teachers are off — that is fine. But when I called to talk to the director about this, the answer I was given was that it was not profitable for them to run the class with less than five students. I was also told there was no guarantee it will be offered if there is low enrollment again.

I am extremely upset and insulted that education has taken a back seat to profit. I spoke to the professor who teaches this course and he had no problem teaching the course with even one student. So this concern lies with Queens College and the City University of New York institution.

You mean to tell me this procedure also applies to master’s, bachelor’s and associate degrees? So what is a student to do if he or she needs a course to graduate, like I do? We have to wait until it is profitable for them to offer the course. Queens College has no concern taking my money for the other classes, not to mention the stress this has put on me. I should have been done already and started my new career.

I have a job waiting for me and I do not know how long it will be around. But I do not expect this institution to take me seriously, since how is one person going to make a difference for the many that are getting screwed by the CUNY system? The agreement is that I take the EKG Certificate Program courses and get a degree, not be put on hold when Queens College feels fit.

But since it is not profitable for Queens to offer the course, I have to wait until it is. This course is not offered at another school and I need to take it so I can graduate with my EKG certificate and take the license exam. This type of policy needs to be addressed ASAP. This is an EKG Certificate Program, not an enrichment class.

Teresa Lawrence


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