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Candidate Profile: David Weprin

Name: David Weprin

Age: 53

Party Affiliation: Democrat, also running on the Independence and Working Families lines.

Occupation: Former City Councilmember. “I’m an investment banker specializing in public finance and an attorney, though I haven’t practiced in a while.”

Money raised thus far: “About $130,000.”

Why did you decide to run for State Assembly? “After my unsuccessful run for New York City Comptroller, I thought long and hard about how I could best serve the community. Many civic and community leaders and elected officials urged me to run for the Assembly seat vacated by my brother Mark. But the deciding vote came from my wife, Ronnie. She isn’t all that happy I’ll be traveling to Albany, but she understands the contribution I could make and supports my decision.”

What are the biggest issues in the campaign? “The state budget is the number one issue. From the time the winner of this election is sworn in, the Assembly will be focusing on the budget, which is due by March 31. The other issue is state governance over local issues – schools particularly. The current school governance, particularly the makeup of the Panel on Education Policy, needs tweaking.

What is the first thing you would do as State Assemblymember? Weprin said that the first thing he would do is advocate for a fair share of state funding. “I can use the bully pulpit for the city and the district. We are the economic engine of the state – we send more money to Albany than we get back – and I will fight against unfair cuts.”

– Victor G. Mimoni

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