DiNapoli stands up for New Yorkers

A good cop is decisive and active in carrying out his duties, which sometimes earns him as many pats on the back as reprimands. Most of us would rather have such passion and commitment when serving the public than a sideliner unwilling to jump into the fray.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is our top cop when it comes to policing the people’s money in the state. He has been willing to take on lobbyists and special interests to ban “pay to play” practices in pension fund investments. He has stepped up to the plate to combat widespread theft in the Roslyn, L.I., school district and other districts around the state to identify $18 million in fraud, $7.7 million in improper payments and $880 million in excess funds held in reserve accounts by school districts while property tax increases were on every ballot.

He has done this while also creating greater transparency and credibility in the process of how our money gets invested. For example, he has stopped investing with companies that do business in countries that condone genocide, like Sudan in its Darfur region. Some object to his using the office as a bully pulpit, but he sees it as necessary to shield our money from companies that make poor business decisions which may affect the growth of our long-term investments.

His willingness to step into the ethical quagmire created by the investigation and resignation of his predecessor shows his courage and commitment to doing what is in the best interests of all New Yorkers. Democratic and Republican members of the state Legislature chose him because of his record of public service and experience with fiscal issues. He now deserves the full support of the voters of this state for his willingness to do what is right but not always easy or popular in these uncertain times.

Barbara Clark

State Assemblywoman

Queens Village

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