Name: Frank Padavan
Age: 75
Party Affiliation: Republican, Independence, Conservative
Occupation: State Senator

Decision to Run: I decided to run for office this year to continue my fight for common-sense reforms in order to turn New York state government around and restore integrity and accountability. I am proud to have been named a “Hero of Reform” by NY Uprising for my record on government reform issues. We also must work toward restoring fiscal responsibility in New York’s state budget process.

Major Issues: Economy and job creation. My priorities are providing a payroll tax credit for businesses to help create jobs, cut taxes imposed on middle class families, seniors, taxpayers and small busineeses and rein in state spending with a state spending cap. Education is also a major issue for the families of northeast Queens. I will continue to build on my record of fighting against harmful cuts in state education aid to our schools and work to invest in our future and continue to improve education for all.

Top Priorities: The first focus is getting our economy and state government back on the right track through job creation, tax cuts and fundamental ethics reform.

Name: Tony Avella
Age: 58
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Occupation: Candidate – Former City Councilmember

Decision to Run: I decided to run for the State Senate because I believe it is imperative that we stop the gridlock and dysfunction in Albany by replacing the long-term professional politicians who created the mess. Having worked tirelessly to reform city government, I felt I could make a positive difference by restoring ethics and principles in the State Legislature.

Major Issues: Besides stopping the dysfunction in Albany, the constituents of the 11th Senatorial District need relief from the huge tax burden placed on the middle class and working families. At the same time, we must improve the state’s economy and create new jobs, by such methods as providing incentives for small businesses to hire new workers and repairing our transportation and public works infrastructure.

Top Priorities: Ending the Albany corruption and dysfunction must be a priority. If elected, I would immediately work towards eliminating the “Pay to Play” system of campaign donations, requiring an on time balanced budget agreement by law, instituting term limits for State elected officials, creating an Independent Redistricting Commission, and eliminating the system of “lulus” by which the legislative leadership controls individual members’ votes.

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