Electeds ignore U.S. veterans who become homeless, addicts

I seethed all day last Thursday. It was Veterans Day and after seeing professional politicians march and honor our veterans, I seethed. After watching them “honor” those who gave their lives for us and those lucky enough to come home, I seethed. And, after seeing the Empire State Building light up in red, white and blue, I decided to stop seething and vent my anger in this letter.

How about saving the cost of that electricity and find warm housing for the veterans sleeping outside the building? How about those phony pols stop the BS and start fighting for services for those men and women they praised and “honored” that day? Isn’t it nice of them to show us how they care about our children who signed up to go to wars that should not have happened to protect their fellow citizens? Young people who went in proud to be Americans came out with nothing more than major damage to their bodies and souls.

How many of us complain about a car alarm going off and interrupting our peace and quiet? A bill was immediately initiated and voted on to make this a disturbance of our peace. What about bombs and bullets riveting your body day and night and not knowing if you will ever see your loved ones again? Yet our phony pols stand, hold their hands to their hearts and say the Pledge of Allegiance, the pols who forget the next day that we have damaged children living in our streets because of the lack of monies allocated by them and their cronies.

And what about those who wander our streets homeless with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, medicating their symptoms with drugs and alcohol? Is that what we want for our veterans? All veterans organizations have to organize and once and for all demand with protests that they are not going to take the neglect anymore.

Shame on the mayor for spending over $15 million for a non-smoking campaign and nothing near that for our veterans. Shame on those congressional professionals who keep getting re-elected because they have a good rap and can con you to vote for them. Call them and ask how much they have allocated to help our veterans when they return home with mental health issues. Call them and ask what bills they have introduced and fought to have them taken care of as they cared for us by fighting for our freedom.

All you have to do is realize that the majority of legislators under former President George W. Bush were narrow-minded, anal millionaires who continued to initiate the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. President Barack Obama is putting that issue in the lap of the Congress with the hopes that we will realize who they are in continuing the discrimination.

We do not care about our veterans and no one is shouting out loud about it. The people of this country do not look at the record of those they vote for. They believe their con. Shame on them!

Joyce Shepard