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Weiner was good despite faults

I disagree with those who believe U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner served his constituents well. I worked for his opponent in the 2010 election, but I agree with those who believe he should not have resigned over the sexting scandal.

Regarding his service, his strong support of the health care reform legislation showed that he was oblivious to its negative effects, among them the adverse effect its regulations and taxes would have and are having on the hiring capacity of small businesses here.

But to have to resign for his non-criminal, if ill-advised, behavior — especially since other office holders, who have done worse, have remained in office? His constituents should have been the ones to decide during the next election whether he should stay or go.

Also, I wonder if those in the social media who brought him down feel no shame for what they did to him.

Joan Lane

Forest Hills

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