Pols remember 9/11: City Councilmember Mark Weprin

Where were you when you heard that planes had struck the World Trade Center?
September 11, 2001 was Primary Election Day in New York City, and I was at my polling place in the morning when the planes struck the Towers. Little did I know that while I was exercising my right to vote, our nation was under attack by those who hate our freedom. Standing on the sidewalk in front of the school and greeting voters as they approached, I was shocked to hear that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center.

What was your initial reaction to the attack?
I assumed it was a small private airplane involved in an awful, tragic accident. After voting, I checked in with my wife, who was at the school for our son’s kindergarten orientation, which would normally have been a joyful event for my wife and me as parents. Instead, we learned that a second plane had struck and realized that it was part of an attack on our country. I thought about the thousands of people whose lives were in jeopardy. I dreaded the grave challenges that our city and our nation would face.