To the person who abandoned the cat

This letter writer alleges that a person left a white cat in its carrier in the Key Food parking lot on Lefferts Boulevard on December 19:

Did you think the blanket you put in the carrier would keep it from freezing to death? Did you think the bowl of whatever that was in there would keep it from starving? Did you think by leaving it in a dark area of a parking lot that someone could see it? Did you think that a tiny, dark cat carrier would protect it from getting killed by a car? Did you think that this was your only option to rid yourself of a pet, rather than trying to adopt it out, ask for help or just hand it to someone? All of the above would’ve been better than what you did. That cat trusted in you, with its life in your hands and what did you do? What were you thinking?

Did you know what you did is against the law?

Some of us have been in the position before, myself included, of finding an animal and trying to find homes for them, which is difficult. There are cat rescues out there, which many do not know about, private fostering, vets, non-kill shelters. I know times are hard and obviously there aren’t as many animal lovers as there used to be, but there is still no excuse for what was done.

Most people who have pets keep them for life, making them family. They are not taken in and disposed of in this fashion. They aren’t garbage. If someone is not an animal person, no problem, but they should not have a pet in the first place. For those who are, pets give unconditional love, rely on and trust in us whole- heartedly. To do this was a real sin and we the people have to be their voice, to spread awareness of the cruelty that goes on, such as an incident like this. They need our help more than ever!

Happy Holidays to all, including all animals, creatures and all life. Let’s all do what we can to make it a better world for all in this coming New Year.

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