Ban hydrofracking in all parts of the state

A recent article in The New York Times revealed a potential plan by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to permit hydrofracking in five upstate counties, which would turn our fellow New Yorkers into the gas industry’s guinea pigs.

The governor’s new plan would arbitrarily create two tiers of New Yorkers, while still ignoring the potential health impacts on the residents of these counties and continue to make no mention of a plan to dispose of the millions of gallons of toxic wastewater generated by this process. This plan also does not preclude future leaders from being able to expand drilling into the rest of New York.

The governor should focus on creating renewable energy that would lead to a sustainable economy and would not jeopardize the health and environment of all New Yorkers. Pollution and negative quality of life effects do not adhere to geographical and political borders.

Each town does not have its own separate aquifer, air pollution does not disappear as it blows across the county line and trucks cannot be contained within a county.

To concede to the gas industry with this plan is irresponsible, as it puts corporate profits over our welfare. Cuomo’s proposed plan is bad for everyone and should not go forward.

Wayne Cleghorn


Queens College


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