Keep good teachers, pay them well

As the new school year begins, thousands of teachers will be returning to classrooms, gearing up for another busy school year.

Education in this country needs to be given the highest priority. There should not be any fiscal cuts to school budgets. Teachers need to be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism because they all work hard to help their students reach their highest potential in the classroom, which is not an easy task, given that students learn at different levels.

Classroom instruction must be tailored to meet each student’s learning abilities. Teachers have a difficult job and should be properly compensated for their endeavors. Their salaries need to be increased. Those teachers who are consistently not performing up to educational standards need to be given assistance to improve their teaching skills. If that is not successful within a certain span of time, then they should be asked to leave the classroom.

But those teachers who are doing well need to be recognized by their principals and school districts for their hard work. Teachers are shaping our nations’s students for their future as responsible adults, who will hopefully make positive marks on society.

We need to recognize all of their accomplishments in the classroom.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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