Pol, Board 6 Tackle F. H. Flooding

Town Hall Planned To Investigate The Issue

Plans to address local flooding issues and a lawmaker’s bevy of goodies for the area highlighted Community Board 6′s wednesday, Sept. 12 meeting at the Kew Gardens Community Center.

“This neighborhood again, again-after all the work that was done with our capital sewer flooding … they did so much work, yet we had backups again.”

As previously reported in the Times Newsweekly, the city recently announced the completion of $24 million in sewer upgrades in the area, following serious flooding in the area in 2007.

City Council Member Karen Koslowitz announced that on Sept. 27 at 7:45 at the Forest Park Jewish Center, a town hall meeting will be held with members of the Department of Environmental Protection. Gulluscio urged residents to attend.

“They’ve got to come up with a plan, because from Austin Street, across [Metropolitan Avenue], up and down 108th [Street], up and down Yellowstone (Boulevard) we had major issues in our buildings,” he said. “For stores to close down, that’s ridiculous.”

Bringing money back to the area

“I brought back a lot of money,” Koslowitz told Board 6. “And we

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