New Queens Business Org. Links Young Professionals

Offers Opportunities To Build Careers

The Queens Chamber of Commerce announced the formation of Queens Young Professionals, an organization of young business-minded professionals who live and work throughout Queens.

The organization’s goal is to provide resources and networking opportunities to cultivate the future business leaders in Queens, in addition to encouraging young professionals to become invested in important issues that can have an effect on business in the borough.

“This organization is vital to the future of business in Queens,” said Jack Friedman, executive director of the Queens Chamber of Commerce. “I commend each of the members involved and look forward to guiding this organization along its path.”

“I am proud to be involved in the formation of an organization that empowers young professionals to take a key stance on issues affecting business in Queens,” added Ian Magerkurth of The Driscoll Group, a Queens government relations firm, who, in addition to be a co-founding member, will be chairing the organization.

Eric Abrams of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, who will be serving as executive director of the organization, stated, “This organization is addressing a very vital need for the borough of Queens. Queens is becoming a more and more attractive place for young people to live and do business, and building a collaborative community of passionate young professionals will be a great help to the development of our borough.”

Other advisory board members involved in the concept and creation were Queens young professionals Ryan Walsh, Ali Najmi, Salua Baida and David Mack.

Queens Young Professionals is free to join and members are encouraged to take advantage of many of the services offered by the Queens Chamber of Commerce. The organization is hosting a free inaugural event at Austin’s Ale House in Kew Gardens, where they will be able to enjoy food, one free drink, raffles and prizes, including two airline tickets from Southwest Airlines, as well as networking opportunities with fellow Queens’s business leaders.

Queens Young Professionals, sponsored by the Queens Chamber of Commerce is an organization that looks to invigorate and engage a community of young business leaders who seek to find new opportunities and shape the future of business in Queens.

For more information, see www.facebook.com/QueensYP.

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