Six More Home Burglaries Strike the 112th Precinct

Two In Forest Hills Don’t Fit Pattern

Additional burglaries were reported in the 112th Precinct in the first week of April, and two occurred in the small area of Forest Hills that was hard-hit by a string of related breakins in February and March, the force’s commander told Community Board 6 last Wednesday, Apr. 10.

The suspect behind three recent burglaries in Forest Hills.

Capt. Thomas Conforti stated the two recent burglaries in Forest Hills were “100 percent not part of the pattern.” In one incident, a bike was stolen from a garage; in the other, individuals broke into a home under renovation and removed no property, he said.

The perpetrators were probably seeking shelter on a cold night, Conforti noted.

Two other burglaries occured elsewhere in the 112th Precinct on Apr. 2 and 8, according to police reports. Officials are searching for a white or hispanic male ages 45-50 standing 5’8″ and weighing 250 lbs who is balding and walks with a limp. He is also wanted in connection with a Feb. 14 break-in, it was noted.

In all three capers, police said, he suspect picked locks on residential buildings, entered the residences and stole cash and jewelry. All three burglaries occurred between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., officials noted.

Conforti stressed that none of the most recent burglaries fit the pattern of nine break-ins that struck a sixmade square-block pocket of Forest Hills between Feb. 5 and Mar. 17.

In the six-week string, crooks targetted wooden rear doors and broke them down using brute force, according to reports. The crooks stole cash and jewelry-popular targets because they are tough to trace, according to Sgt. Claudia Bartolomei, commanding officer of the 112th Precinct’s Detective Squad.

Conforti said the burglary pattern probably stopped on account of increased police presence in the area.

“Hopefully we sort of we made it a very unappealable [sic] area through our deployment over there,” he said.

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