Street Talk: What do you think the city should do to ensure safety at the NYC Marathon?

street talk

Maybe they could ban backpacks, but I think New York does a great job with protection. We’ve been there before; we know what to do.
Darcy Schecht

What they do right now is phenomenal. They do a lot to protect us.
Debbie Lovis

I think we need more security and find out more about people going to school in our country. It’s scary.
Denise Angilly

I think there should be more security.
Jim Cohen

I don’t think there is much anyone can do. These people can look like anyone.
Frank Angilly

I think that’s very difficult to do these days. I have a friend in the police department; I know it’s difficult to ensure safety. We might need police in plain clothes and FBI too. We need different levels of security. I don’t think the city can be 100 percent secure.
Susan Philips

I think what they’re implementing this week in the city, the clear plastic bags, is a good idea. I think everything should be in a clear plastic bag so you can see exactly what everyone’s carrying.
Guy C.

I think we need more police and bag checks.
Taisha M.



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