Americans need to wake up on pipeline

Interesting. Here in the United States, we still have average citizens rooting for the Keystone XL pipeline carrying the Canadian tar sands oil from Alberta to refineries in Texas, thinking it will in some way make our country oil independent and make gas prices lower.

In fact, the Koch brothers and fellow tar sands investors are the only ones who will be benefit, as well as the oil conglomerates who will sell that refined oil overseas.

The Canadians, it seems, are more realistic concerning the environmental dangers of piping their own tar sands within their own land. They have put a kibosh on their Northern Gateway pipeline, a pipeline to cross Canada to their own refineries.

The reason is the potential environmental disasters from the inevitable oil spills. They realize how damaging it would be to their country to have their own tar sands piped across their own land.

Is America’s land less precious than Canada’s? Are Americans more naive than Canadians, more easily manipulated by the true benefactors of this impending horror? Are we going to wake up and follow the lead of Canada or will we remain duped and watch the contamination of our soil and drinking water?

Time will tell.

Nicholas Zizelis

Amagansett, L.I.

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